Save Money by Saving Energy at Home

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There are many ways to save energy at the home or office. In fact, an HVAC company like Opie’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can offer timely cost and energy-efficient savings for all residential and commercial establishments. If you are dealing with soaring energy and electricity costs — there are simple ways to lower bills across the board. The following suggestions should help you save on energy bills so long as they are implemented by everyone in your household.

energy efficient homeDon’t Leave the Lights On

Maybe you’ve heard this before — but leaving the lights on when you’re not in the room can really affect your home’s energy consumption. Simply turn off these lights and even unplug certain appliances and components when not in use, as some electronics will continue to use electricity even when they are turned off.

Unplugging Appliances and Electronics

Just like the lights, you can save energy in your home by unplugging certain appliances and electronics when they’re not in use. This includes televisions and radios, along with microwave ovens, blenders, mixers, and more. Electricity continues to flow to the outlets day and night. This means that even if your unit is turned off, it is still receiving ample power due to its connection. Unplug the wires in appliances after usage and you will see dramatic savings on your energy bills. In addition, make sure that no generators, vacuums, or other equipment and power tools in the garage are on when not in use.

HVAC Energy Savings Options

HVAC professionals also specialize in helping home and business owners cut down on their en
ergy costs. This includes installing digital thermostats, which offer better climate control than outdated or conventional units. They also check your ducts and vents to ensure optimal airflow throughout properties. This means removing any obstacles or hurdles that are hindering maximum performance. Whether via duct cleaning or sealing up air leaks, local HVAC specialists have the tools and expertise to meet your needs within time and budget. As always, they will check attics, basements, and crawlspaces for any susceptible air leak areas. Local professionals also check system coils to ensure that units are properly sized for the home or office.

Water Sprinkler Systems

Water consumption is also one of the main reasons behind soaring utility costs. While HVAC experts do check AC unit pipes and components for liquid or Freon leaks, they also recommend that home and business owners curtail their water usage. This is especially true during those scorching summer months, which require periodic watering of lawns and gardens to prevent browning and even insect infestation. The problem is that water sprinkler systems require electricity to run on a daily basis or schedule. This can also lead to high electricity bills, and in turn cause your overall energy costs to rise. Remember, no matter which appliance or component is in use — they require energy for optimal functionality and performance. To prevent excess billing, simply curtail your scheduled watering to just one time a day during the summer. This should at least help lower some of the costs associated with running a home.

Limited Device and Television Usage

If you’re really trying to save, it’s also recommended that you lower your daily device and TV usage. In most homes, there is more than just one television set on simultaneously. This allows parents to watch their favorite shows, while the kids watch theirs. Again, this tends to consume a lot of energy and power. In fact, using desktop PCs or laptops without shutting them down when not in use also increases usage and costs. If you are serious about securing cost and energy-efficiency in your property, even the slightest modification can help. Simply try to watch one TV set with the family, and designate specific times for the kids to use computers, gaming consoles, and other electronics.

Setting the Right Temperatures

An HVAC technicians can easily help you set the right temperatures for your home or office. At times, owners tend to lower their thermostats for cooler air. However, this can cause adverse effects — especially when the humidity levels are high outside. Fidgeting too much with the thermostat can also cause soaring energy bills. As a result, you need an experienced HVAC specialist to help you set the right temperatures for your home or business. All it takes is one phone call or e-mail to schedule a complimentary consultation and get a free estimate. With the summer heat rising outside, you do not want to end up paying more for energy consumption this year. Simply contact a cooling and heating expert today and they will take care of the rest.