How to Make Money by Investing in an ATM Machine

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As a consumer, you may feel irritated by having to pay a surcharge to use a non-bank ATM machine from time to time, but savvy individual are using those surcharges to develop a regular stream of passive income. Rather than being a consumer in the ATM machine business, you can invest in your own machine and turn a handsome profit each month. With a closer look at how ATM machines make money and how you can invest in one or more units, you may be well on your way to profiting from a new income stream.

How ATM Machines Make Money

Before you make the decision to purchase your own ATM machine, it is important to learn how these machines make money for their owners. With each transaction that is completed via the machine, a surcharge is paid by the consumer. This fee may range commonly from $1.00 to $3.50 or more in some cases, so you can see that there is ample room to adjust the fee to maximize the profitability of your machine. Keep in mind that banks also pay an interchange fee per transaction, and ATM machine owners can share a portion of the profits from this interchange fee as well.

Where to Purchase an ATM Machine

After you have learned more about the financial benefits associated with investing in an ATM machine, you may wonder what the cost of the equipment is and where you can purchase it from. You can easily find a variety of machines available for purchase online through various vendors. Many are priced below $2,000, and the average ATM machine may create a net profit for you of between $300 and $600 per month. With this in mind, you can see that you can easily recoup the cost of your investment within a few months. Look for an ATM provider that offers a warranty on their equipment and ongoing maintenance at an affordable price. Some providers like Carolina ATM even offer free placement of their ATMs, and you simply pay a portion of the monthly surcharge revenue from the machine.

Maintenance and Upkeep Required for an ATM Machine

As with other types of business activities, there are some expenses associated with having an ATM machine. For example, you will need to pay a cash loader to feed money into your machine on a regular basis. You may also pay a retailer or vendor for the ability to use their space to house your ATM machine. Some will take a direct percentage cut of the profits, and others will charge a flat fee for the use of their space. There are also maintenance costs associated with the machine itself. For example, a software upgrade may be needed to keep the machine operating with peak efficiency. There are maintenance contracts available that can help you to keep this expense as low as possible. While it may sound as though the upkeep requirements for an ATM machine can be burdensome to keep track of, keep in mind that cash loading and maintenance activities can be automated, and this can take the stress and time out of maintaining your machine.

Where to Place the ATM Machine for Maximum Profitability

Understandably, one of the most significant factors that will influence the profitability of your ATM machine is the location where it’s placed. Commonly, you will find ATM machines in convenience stores, but this market may already be saturated with machines. You can, however, look for a new construction convenience store as a possibility. These machines are also placed in amusement parks, shopping malls, sporting and entertainment venues and even on busy city sidewalks. By making a wise decision about the location of your ATM machine, you can more easily profit from your investment.

Because ATM machines typically only produce a few hundred dollars per month, many ATM machine owners will invest in multiple machines. A smart idea is to start with the investment of one machine and to add new machines to your portfolio periodically over time.

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