Energy-Efficient Windows Have More Benefits Than You Think

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Windows provide light, ventilation, and views to the outside world; they can even boost the value and visual appeal of your property. Old and deteriorating windows, however, have their drawbacks; these windows can let hot air escape during the winter and let it in during the summer. When this happens, your HVAC system will be forced to work harder to heat or cool your home – and you’ll see the evidence in the high utility bills.

Where else can you find evidence that it may be time for a window upgrade? See if your windows or single- or double-pane; if they’re single-pane, you should think about using more efficient double-pane windows to replace them.

For best results, the double-pane windows should have high-performance glass with spectrally selective or low-e coatings. Live in a colder climate? Reduce heat loss by choosing gas-filled windows with low-e coatings.  In a warmer climate? Reduce heat gain by choosing windows made with spectrally selective coatings. These energy-efficient windows are specifically designed to maintain interior temperatures, give your HVAC system a break, and lower your energy bill.

Replacing old or deteriorating windows can be costly. But remember this: Energy-efficient windows can considerably decrease the cost to heat and cool your home or business. These high-performance windows assist in lowering heating and cooling bills and decreasing the peak cooling and heating loads; as a result, you may be able to run smaller HVAC systems.

Other benefits of replacement windows include:

Decreased Condensation

Today’s energy-efficient windows yield warmer interior glass surfaces – and that reduces condensation and frost.  This in turn positively impacts the temperature and the level of humidity and condensation in the space.

Reduced Fading

Exposure to sunlight causes items like carpets, artwork, upholstery fabrics, wood, and paint to fade. However, these many replacement windows are designed with a specialized coating to block out the UV rays of the sun. This will help to keep your home’s furnishings looking great for years to come.

Improved Lighting and Better Views

What’s a window without a view, that doesn’t let in daylight? For years, the answer was often a window with high-performance, energy-saving features. Today’s high-technology windows reduce unwanted heat gain while maintaining your views and enabling natural light to come into your home. Many showrooms, such as my local Richmond Window, can show you how windows with different coatings will look in your home.

Environmentally Friendly

Lower energy usage means lower utility bills, and that’s great. But the benefit goes farther than that. More efficient homes require less power from fossil-fuel sources like natural gas or coal. That ultimately transforms your home into a more environmentally-friendly haven – and something you can feel good about.

Reduced Maintenance

Less window condensation has other benefits, including a lower risk of mold. Because of the UV-resistant coating, dirt buildup and water spots on the windows are practically non-existent. You’ll enjoy a healthier environment without having to spend a lot of time cleaning the windows.

Noise Reduction

Double-pane windows also have impressive soundproofing capacity. They can drastically lower or totally eliminate outside noises such as those caused by sirens and roadway traffic; this is an especially good feature in communities where the homes are located close to each other.

Remember: There’s more to energy-efficient windows than just a view, and lower utility bills are just the start!