Benefits of Starting Your Own Business

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franchise-ownershipSome people don’t mind getting up every day and going to work for someone else. Others want something more from their career. For many people, their major goal in life is to start their own business. While there is some risk involved, there are several reasons why starting your own business will be more beneficial to you.

More Free Time

While it may take long to achieve this goal, eventually it will be possible. In the beginning, you should expect to work very long hours with very little pay. Once the business takes off, however, you will be able to control your own schedule, and find more free time to spend with family and friends. If you choose to take advantage of franchise opportunities like FranNet and purchase a franchise for sale, you will have more free time sooner than you would if you were starting an independent company.

Tax Benefits

There are several tax perks that you can take advantage of when you start your own business. There are certain start-up businesses that qualify you for a variety of government incentives. You can also write off several expenses, including food, travel, phone bills, and portions of your car payments. If you are working from home, you can write off your office equipment’s depreciation, home phone bill, internet bill, and a portion of your rent or your mortgage.

A Great Sense of Pride

When you start your own business and it begins to take off, you will have a great sense of pride. You will be able to look at something that once started out as nothing, and you were the one who made it into something. This is something to be very proud of, and something to make others proud of you. This sense of pride will stick with you for a lifetime. Each time your business passes a milestone, your sense of pride will build.

Job Security

When you are working for someone else, you can never be sure if your job is going to be permanent. If the business is not doing as well as it could be, there could be downsizing and layoffs. If you are the owner of the business and things are going well, you will be the one doing the downsizing and laying off. It is nice to know that you don’t need to worry about being let go.


As a business owner, you will have the opportunity to meet people that you likely would not meet if you were someone’s employee. You can get to know other business owners and other people in your industry who can give you some advice in business, and who you can lean on and talk about the day-to-day challenges of owning a business. If you are opening a franchise business, you will be able to network with other franchisees which can be very helpful in getting your business to take off.


Being a mentor can be very rewarding and can give you a slight ego boost. When you start your own business, you can become a mentor to your employees and other people who are planning to start a new business. This is especially true if you are planning to open a franchise business. Over time, you won’t be the new franchise owner. There is always someone new buying into these companies. When these people are starting out, you can help them and mentor them so that they can be a success as well.


When you start running your own business successfully, you will receive a great deal of recognition. It can be from others in the community, from friends and family members, and from colleagues and other business owners. There is nothing better than being recognized for your accomplishments in business. This recognition can also help the business grow.

Financial Independence

One of the major reasons that a person will start their own business, is that they hope for financial independence. Many people look at the lives of the people who have started multi-million dollar companies, and want to live the same lifestyle. While you may not reach that level, owning your own business can provide financial independence. In almost all cases, it won’t happen right away. It can take years and years for the profits of the company to allow you to be financially independent. When you get there, however, it is worth it. If you want to jump start your financial independence, you should consider buying a franchise, which already has a proven track record and an excellent reputation.

Develop New Skills

As a business owner, many things that you do are going to be trial by error. Over time, you will learn and develop new skills that you didn’t have before. You will learn things like networking, creating budgets, setting up marketing campaigns, and how to manage employees. When the business starts to become a success, you can start to delegate these responsibilities to your employees, but you will still have developed skills that you likely would not have had a chance to if you were working for someone else.

Becoming an Expert in Your Field

When your business takes off and you start making good money, you would be considered an expert in your field. You can use your expertise to teach other people and to finally be able to tell yourself that you made it.

Starting your own business takes a great deal of work, know-how, and money. After you have started the business, there are so many perks that make it all worthwhile.