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October 20, 2011


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After six years of higher education, I was hired a few months after graduating in June 2011, in a position that I wouldn't have ever come close to getting without my graduate degree. I love my job, the pay is relatively competative for the area and the industry, but I'm still putting a minimum of 50% of my paycheck towards repaying my student loans, on the 10-year payoff plan. Yes, 50% of my paycheck for the next ten years (though hopefully I'll get a raise or two along the way). I'm thankful I can get by on less than 50% of my paycheck because being a student taught me how to live frugally, but it still feels like forever until the $130,000 is paid off. I am planning the most epic 35th birthday ever, the first one since I was 17 that I'll be (hopefully) debt free.

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