Energy-Efficient Windows Have More Benefits Than You Think

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Windows provide light, ventilation, and views to the outside world; they can even boost the value and visual appeal of your property. Old and deteriorating windows, however, have their drawbacks; these windows can let hot air escape during the winter and let it in during the summer. When this happens, your HVAC system will be forced to work harder to heat or cool your home – and you’ll see the evidence in the high utility bills.

Where else can you find evidence that it may be time for a window upgrade? See if your windows or single- or double-pane; if they’re single-pane, you should think about using more efficient double-pane windows to replace them.

For best results, the double-pane windows should have high-performance glass with spectrally selective or low-e coatings. Live in a colder climate? Reduce heat loss by choosing gas-filled windows with low-e coatings.  In a warmer climate? Reduce heat gain by choosing windows made with spectrally selective coatings. These energy-efficient windows are specifically designed to maintain interior temperatures, give your HVAC system a break, and lower your energy bill.

Replacing old or deteriorating windows can be costly. But remember this: Energy-efficient windows can considerably decrease the cost to heat and cool your home or business. These high-performance windows assist in lowering heating and cooling bills and decreasing the peak cooling and heating loads; as a result, you may be able to run smaller HVAC systems.

Other benefits of replacement windows include:

Decreased Condensation

Today’s energy-efficient windows yield warmer interior glass surfaces – and that reduces condensation and frost.  This in turn positively impacts the temperature and the level of humidity and condensation in the space.

Reduced Fading

Exposure to sunlight causes items like carpets, artwork, upholstery fabrics, wood, and paint to fade. However, these many replacement windows are designed with a specialized coating to block out the UV rays of the sun. This will help to keep your home’s furnishings looking great for years to come.

Improved Lighting and Better Views

What’s a window without a view, that doesn’t let in daylight? For years, the answer was often a window with high-performance, energy-saving features. Today’s high-technology windows reduce unwanted heat gain while maintaining your views and enabling natural light to come into your home. Many showrooms, such as my local Richmond Window, can show you how windows with different coatings will look in your home.

Environmentally Friendly

Lower energy usage means lower utility bills, and that’s great. But the benefit goes farther than that. More efficient homes require less power from fossil-fuel sources like natural gas or coal. That ultimately transforms your home into a more environmentally-friendly haven – and something you can feel good about.

Reduced Maintenance

Less window condensation has other benefits, including a lower risk of mold. Because of the UV-resistant coating, dirt buildup and water spots on the windows are practically non-existent. You’ll enjoy a healthier environment without having to spend a lot of time cleaning the windows.

Noise Reduction

Double-pane windows also have impressive soundproofing capacity. They can drastically lower or totally eliminate outside noises such as those caused by sirens and roadway traffic; this is an especially good feature in communities where the homes are located close to each other.

Remember: There’s more to energy-efficient windows than just a view, and lower utility bills are just the start!

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Save Money by Saving Energy at Home

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There are many ways to save energy at the home or office. In fact, an HVAC company like Opie’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can offer timely cost and energy-efficient savings for all residential and commercial establishments. If you are dealing with soaring energy and electricity costs — there are simple ways to lower bills across the board. The following suggestions should help you save on energy bills so long as they are implemented by everyone in your household.

energy efficient homeDon’t Leave the Lights On

Maybe you’ve heard this before — but leaving the lights on when you’re not in the room can really affect your home’s energy consumption. Simply turn off these lights and even unplug certain appliances and components when not in use, as some electronics will continue to use electricity even when they are turned off.

Unplugging Appliances and Electronics

Just like the lights, you can save energy in your home by unplugging certain appliances and electronics when they’re not in use. This includes televisions and radios, along with microwave ovens, blenders, mixers, and more. Electricity continues to flow to the outlets day and night. This means that even if your unit is turned off, it is still receiving ample power due to its connection. Unplug the wires in appliances after usage and you will see dramatic savings on your energy bills. In addition, make sure that no generators, vacuums, or other equipment and power tools in the garage are on when not in use.

HVAC Energy Savings Options

HVAC professionals also specialize in helping home and business owners cut down on their en
ergy costs. This includes installing digital thermostats, which offer better climate control than outdated or conventional units. They also check your ducts and vents to ensure optimal airflow throughout properties. This means removing any obstacles or hurdles that are hindering maximum performance. Whether via duct cleaning or sealing up air leaks, local HVAC specialists have the tools and expertise to meet your needs within time and budget. As always, they will check attics, basements, and crawlspaces for any susceptible air leak areas. Local professionals also check system coils to ensure that units are properly sized for the home or office.

Water Sprinkler Systems

Water consumption is also one of the main reasons behind soaring utility costs. While HVAC experts do check AC unit pipes and components for liquid or Freon leaks, they also recommend that home and business owners curtail their water usage. This is especially true during those scorching summer months, which require periodic watering of lawns and gardens to prevent browning and even insect infestation. The problem is that water sprinkler systems require electricity to run on a daily basis or schedule. This can also lead to high electricity bills, and in turn cause your overall energy costs to rise. Remember, no matter which appliance or component is in use — they require energy for optimal functionality and performance. To prevent excess billing, simply curtail your scheduled watering to just one time a day during the summer. This should at least help lower some of the costs associated with running a home.

Limited Device and Television Usage

If you’re really trying to save, it’s also recommended that you lower your daily device and TV usage. In most homes, there is more than just one television set on simultaneously. This allows parents to watch their favorite shows, while the kids watch theirs. Again, this tends to consume a lot of energy and power. In fact, using desktop PCs or laptops without shutting them down when not in use also increases usage and costs. If you are serious about securing cost and energy-efficiency in your property, even the slightest modification can help. Simply try to watch one TV set with the family, and designate specific times for the kids to use computers, gaming consoles, and other electronics.

Setting the Right Temperatures

An HVAC technicians can easily help you set the right temperatures for your home or office. At times, owners tend to lower their thermostats for cooler air. However, this can cause adverse effects — especially when the humidity levels are high outside. Fidgeting too much with the thermostat can also cause soaring energy bills. As a result, you need an experienced HVAC specialist to help you set the right temperatures for your home or business. All it takes is one phone call or e-mail to schedule a complimentary consultation and get a free estimate. With the summer heat rising outside, you do not want to end up paying more for energy consumption this year. Simply contact a cooling and heating expert today and they will take care of the rest.

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The Top Money Saving Tips for Seniors

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piggy bankWhen older people have a limited income, saving money becomes a priority. Even if you are on a fixed income and have few additional assets or resources, you can still live comfortably while being economical. To maximize your limited budget, follow these money saving tips.

Learn About Senior Discounts

Senior discounts are available for a wide range of products and services. They are not based on your level of income, and many are available to individuals over age 55. You can save a considerable amount of money over time by taking advantage of senior discounts.

Some of the many examples include discounts at restaurants, cell phone services, some retail stores and pharmacies, airline and travel accommodations, local attractions, and tax preparation services.

You can start by asking about discounts in your area as well as checking into discounts that are available online. You can save money on services and merchandise.

Choose Low-Cost Options

Retirees who live alone may want or need a variety of services for enjoyment and home entertainment. This does not mean you should purchase the highest-priced options when lower-cost options are available.

One example is your television service. Whether you have cable TV or satellite, the monthly bills can take a large chunk out of your monthly income. Consider purchasing a converter box instead. You can enjoy plenty of over-the-air programs, news, and sports, and you will not have any monthly bills.

A second option is to bundle your services. If you want a home phone, internet, and television, it costs much less to bundle these services together. Check with the companies that provide service to your area, and choose the lowest cost option that meets your needs.

Look for Freebies

If you live in a large town or city, you should be able to find opportunities for free entertainment you may also find opportunities for recreation and physical fitness.

When you search online, or ask at your local community center, you will see there is much that you can do for fun that does not cost money. It will also help you to stay active, and give you the chance to meet new people.

Money-Saving Shopping Tipsseniors money saving

One of the easiest ways to save money when shopping is to use coupons. You can either clip coupons from your Sunday newspaper or find coupons online. This can become a hobby that saves money every time you shop.

Second, as used products are often in good condition, consider shopping for various products at thrift stores and yard sales. You will find household goods, books, decorative items for your home, and clothing. Think of how much you will save when you do not pay retail prices for these items.

Third, online shopping can save money, too. From books to clothing, there are many websites that offer discounts and low prices.

Fourth, if there are certain stores where you shop regularly, read their ads to learn about sales. Some stores have weekly sales which can mean considerable savings for you. If your favorite stores have websites, it is easy fro you to keep track of their sales.

Saving Money on Good Meals

If you are like many seniors today, you do not prepare your own meals at home as often as you did in the past. Perhaps you do not enjoy it as much now that you are living alone, or you lack the time and energy to prepare meals.

Unfortunately, eating at restaurants and having pizza delivered regularly are not the healthiest options, and it can become expensive if it is a habit.

A home care service is a better option for meals. An in-home aide, like this senior care service in Rowlett TX, can prepare delicious meals that are packed with nutrition. Your aide can even help with meal planning and grocery shopping.

When you hire an in home care aide, you won’t be spending money eating out at restaurants and getting delivery service. Instead, you can have tasty meals that are actually good fo ryou. Your income will stretch further when a caregiver helps you with your nutritional needs. Dining out can remain an occasional treat instead of a daily necessity.

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How to save money in a household 

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Living in a consumer society makes it very difficult to decide what we actually need, and which items we can definitely live without. Many households are crowded with things that have been used once or twice and are now forgotten, no matter if they are kitchen appliances, clothes, toys or numerous gadgets. On the other hand, there are items on which spending more money is actually recommended, because the later savings surpasses the initial investment.

The key to saving money in the household id to know when to invest money into something, and when not to do it.

For starters, the items we should invest in are some kitchen appliances – a dishwasher, a cooker, an oven and a fridge. Then, we should not save on a washing machine, as well as the water heater. There are several reasons to invest money in these appliances. First, their longevity will be much higher, so once you buy them, you can rely on them for the next 10-20 years. Then, if you buy “A” class appliances, they are going to save a lot of energy and water, which means that your bills will be reduced. Lastly, the quality of these appliances is higher, so you can expect better results.


Another item we must not save money on is bed. A Japanese proverb says:

“Buy good shoes and a great bed. Because in this life, when you are not in one you are in the other.”

As we spend approximately 6-8 hours sleeping on daily basis, it is important that we have a good bed that provides us with necessary rest. Not only that a high quality bed means firm and healthy sleep, but it also lasts longer than cheaper beds, so you can expect to have it for a long time. This means that you will not invest money in a new bed every couple of years, which is why a more expensive bed actually comes down to being more affordable.

Money Saving Tips for Living on One Income

As for the items we need to save money on, the list is quite long. To start with the kitchen – there are numerous appliances that some of us may want, but which are actually unnecessary. For example, if you have a multipractic food processor, you do not need a blender or a juicer. Similarly, there are many kitchen gadgets that may seem appealing, but which you will use only several times or never. Before buying some of these items, ask yourself how many times you would use them and for which purposes you would need them.

Then, it is not necessary to spend too much money on home appliances such as TV. You do not need to buy the latest model, especially if you already have a TV. Since they are constantly changing and improving, it will be possible to buy that same model for significantly less money in a year or two. And the golden rule is – do not fix what is not broken.

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